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Sports & Recreation

Programs designed to be overtly centered on youth learning fundamental skills needed for success in athletics and covertly designed to encourage; following instruction, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


One such program is our

Fun-Da-Mentals” Basketball Clinics


This sports-based program targets Elementary and Intermediate school students and is a series of basketball fundamental “workstations” designed to demonstrate the important role that following instruction, technique, and repetition play in development (literally emphasizing practice makes perfect).


Youth will learn core skills such as ball handling, passing, defensive, and shooting mechanics through a strategic series of timed instructional stations. After which they are encouraged to use their freshly practiced skills in either team play or group play with games such as knockout. During these sessions youth are continuously encouraged to focus on individual development and comparison is discouraged.


Our sports programs have been facilitated in partnership with the NCASD and the New Castle Police Department’s "Police Actively Leading Youth" (PLAY) staff. Grossetti Performance provides callisthenic and sports performance training for all of our sports clinics.


Championing Our Children!

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