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Our Founder...

Brian Kelly Rice was born in New Castle, PA where he graduated from New Castle Senior High School. Shortly after graduation he joined the United States Navy and honorably served for over twenty-four (24) years attaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer. During his tenure he visited over 50 countries and 6 of the 7 continents.
Upon retirement Brian returned to his hometown area and enrolled in Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA where he received his bachelor’s degree in Community Ministry. While at Geneva and at 43 years of age, he was chosen as a walk-on for the Geneva Golden Tornado basketball team for the 2012 - 2013 season. During the season Brian's passion for ministering to young adults was evident as he played an integral part in the mentoring of his teammates.
In addition to his Bachelors from Geneva, Brian also holds an Associates degree in Biblical Studies from the International School of Ministry and a Masters degree in Social Work from Youngstown State University. Brian currently holds the position of Outpatient Therapist – School Liaison for the Human Service Center (HSC). Brian has a Certification in Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development (SECD) with a concentration in School Leadership and a Certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University. Brian also coaches the boys’ junior varsity basketball team and junior high girls’ team for the New Castle Area School District.

Brian is the co-founder of Expressions of Worship Ministries, a community outreach effort that focuses on bringing the message of the gospel to youth and young adults in a culturally relevant fashion. They hold such events as Gospel Sk8, an outreach ministry that targets "At Risk" youth and young adults and charm classes for young ladies.

Brian is the pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist church in New Castle, PA. He has been married to Marquita Rice for 32 years and they have two daughters; Brittany (Rice) Santiago of Virginia Beach (PSU graduate) and Zoe Rice (Kent State student).

Retired Navy Chief Brian Kelly Rice

Our Values...

Our Vision

To be a "Dream Incubator" for our youth!


Our Mission

To inspire and empower our youth to follow that “little voice” to their God-given destinies.


Our Core Principles serve as the blueprint through which we empower youth to discover their “Why” and they are as follows:


Padawan (Learner)

Just like George Lucas’ “Star Wars” franchise “Jedi’s” we believe strongly that the “Mentor-Mentee” relationship is vital to our youths’ development. This dynamic will be the vehicle through which we will provide the nurturing environment necessary to pursue their dreams.



We believe that while everyone is born with a dream, the choppy waters of life cause most to give up their pursuit. We will provide youth the direction necessary to navigate through these vicissitudes of life and continue on to their dreams



We believe that if we can ignite their passion, our youth will pursue their dreams and goals with an unquenchable enthusiasm.



We believe that we are all a part of a larger plan and that there is an innate drive within everyone to discover his or her part in that plan. We will help youth find their purpose and use it as a source of focus when pursuing their goals.



We believe that everyone is created with an inherent ability that is unique to each individual. This gifting is designed to serve as the vehicle in which each of us contributes to our community.

Son of the City is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in New Castle, PA  16101.

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