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Why Should You Give?

The socio-economic climate of our area suffered a severe downturn in the late 1980’s early 1990’s with the gradual decline of the area’s largest employer, the steel industry. This not only impacted those employed therein, but local merchants as well. Once proud contributing members of our community were now left to close businesses, attempt to learn other trades or take lesser paying positions which all left them unable to sustain former lifestyles. It also placed a strain on the area’s governmental assistance programs, which were now struggling to provide for the influx of individuals who had not previously been a part of such systems. Alcoholism and drug addiction served as coping mechanisms for many of these individuals as they lost hope in the possibility of regaining their former financial independence. People who were once thriving were now reduced to surviving. This scene is not unique to New Castle as the exportation of the steel industry scripted similar stories throughout Western Pennsylvania.


The generational impact of living in a climate so drastically altered by these events has been far-reaching. It has created an undercurrent of complacency in much of our community. Combine this with the limited opportunities for financial success, without relocation to a thriving metropolitan area, and many of those with the creativity and ingenuity necessary to revitalize our environment are fleeing to more prosperous venues and not returning. This is leaving much of our youth without a vision and fostering a mindset that echoes a biblical cliché “Can any good thing come from New Castle?”


Contribute today and partner with us to reinvigorate the spirits of the youth who have been subliminally affected by this climate.

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Championing Our Children!

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