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Setting Goals & Dreams

Programs designed to help youth develop in concepts such as morals, civic, manners, critical thinking, goal setting, success, social development, etc. These concepts can be considered social and emotional learning, moral reasoning and cognitive development, ethical reasoning, and conflict resolution and mediation.


One such program is

SWAG (Students With A Goal)


This program teaches students the correlation between character development and goal attainment through practical lesson application and personal and mentoring accountability exercises.


Students attend an orientation outlining the specifics and requirements for participation. They are given a schedule and paired with their “Peer Support” team member(s) and a “Goal Coach”.


Weekly accountability meetings called “SWAG Monitoring” sessions keep the students on track. These sessions are designed to address any issues the participants may be having and provide positive reinforcement. Participants will also receive encouragement such as daily reminders from the Goal Coaching staff as well as their Peer Support team members.


Championing Our Children!

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