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It's our mission to inspire and empower our youth to follow that "little voice" to their God-given destinies.


What We Do...

Son of the City primarily functions as a Social Service agency that utilizes programs based on biblical principles to tackle the issues today's youth face. We design and facilitate “demographic specific” programs in an effort to restore hope and steer them toward self-sufficiency through non-traditional means, i.e.; youth basketball camps that promote discipline through participation in sports drills and competitions.


While our programming is designed to encourage youth to develop physical and mental disciplines, they simultaneously challenge the cognitive processes that have steered their lives to this point. We concentrate on challenging the core beliefs that have caused them to accept their present condition. We then create an environment that affords them the opportunity to replace those beliefs with concepts such as discipline, vision, goal setting, and personal accountability, which will enable them to utilize their god-given talents/skill sets to achieve their dreams.

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Our Programs...

“Son of the City” was created to reinvigorate the spirits of youth, who have been subliminally affected by negative life situations and circumstances, through the promotion of Character, Life Skills, Goal Setting, Educational and Sports Skills development & training.

Dreams / Goal Setting

Programs designed to help youth develop in concepts such as morals, civic, manners, critical thinking, goal setting, success, social development, etc. These concepts can be considered social and emotional learning, moral reasoning and cognitive development, ethical reasoning, and conflict resolution and mediation.


This program teaches students the correlation between character development and goal attainment through practical lesson application and personal and mentoring accountability exercises.


Students attend an orientation outlining the specifics and requirements for participation. They are given a schedule and paired with their “Peer Support” team member(s) and a “Goal Coach”.


Weekly accountability meetings called “SWAG Monitoring” sessions keep the students on track. These sessions are designed to address any issues the participants may be having and provide positive reinforcement. Participants will also receive encouragement such as daily reminders from the Goal Coaching staff as well as their Peer Support team members.

(Students With A Goal)

Basketball Match

Sports / Recreational

Programs designed to be overtly centered on youth learning fundamental skills needed for success in athletics and covertly designed to encourage; following instruction, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


This sports-based program targets Elementary and Intermediate school students and is a series of basketball fundamental “workstations” designed to demonstrate the important role that following instruction, technique, and repetition play in development (literally emphasizing practice makes perfect).


Youth will learn core skills such as ball handling, passing, defensive, and shooting mechanics through a strategic series of timed instructional stations. After which they are encouraged to use their freshly practiced skills in either team play or group play with games such as knockout. During these sessions youth are continuously encouraged to focus on individual development and comparison is discouraged.


Our sports programs have been facilitated in partnership with the NCASD and the New Castle Police Department’s "Police Actively Leading Youth" (PLAY) staff. Grossetti Performance provides callisthenic and sports performance training for all of our sports clinics.

Basketball Clinic

Stones of Meaning

Character / LifeSkills

Programs designed to teach youth the connection between their personal discipline and decision-making patterns and their ability to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. These workshops center on; short and long-term goal-setting mechanisms, and success principles such as personal discipline, growth, accountability, and networking.

Dream Workshop

This workshop combines character education and life skills training and targets Junior/Senior High students. It is designed to be a tool to teach students the correlation between character development and goal attainment through practical lesson application and personal, peer, and mentoring accountability exercises.


The initial group assembly introduces the Dreams/Goal Setting paradigm to these youth. Each subsequent session is designed to build upon the initial principles learned and enable youth to monitor their decision-making in pursuit of said dream/goal. Students are encouraged to journal and develop mentoring/peer accountability relationships.

*Any of our programs can be facilitated for a school, community center, or church youth ministry. We can adapt programs to fit your organization's particular needs or develop a custom curriculum if needed.


Partnerships & Events...

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