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School Children
It is Our Mission...

To inspire and empower our youth

to follow that “little voice” to their

God-given destinies.


Primarily, we function as a Social Service agency that utilizes programs based on biblical principles to tackle the issues today's youth face. We design and facilitate “demographic specific” programs in an effort to restore hope and steer them toward self-sufficiency through non-traditional means, i.e.;

youth basketball camps that promote discipline through participation in sports drills and competitions.


While our programming is designed to encourage youth to develop physical and mental disciplines, they simultaneously challenge the cognitive processes that have steered their lives

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Inpsirational Video

to this point. We concentrate on challenging the core beliefs that have caused them to accept their present condition. We then create an environment that affords them the opportunity to replace those beliefs with concepts such as discipline, vision, goal setting, and personal accountability, which will enable them to utilize their god-given talents/skill sets to achieve their dreams.



Championing Our Children!

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